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Sunil is in conversation with Dentistry's Neel Kothari

Updated: Jan 12

Leading specialist dental solicitor, Sunil Abeyewickreme has commented in Dentistry that ‘In the last six months, I have been inundated with enquiries from dentists who have qualified from overseas and have entered into contracts containing highly restrictive clauses that effectively prevent associates from being able to freely leave a practice without paying a significant penalty.

‘While practices may need protection against an associate leaving abruptly, extended notice periods beyond three to six months and enormous financial penalties appear punitive rather than reasonable. Clients have said they have been threatened with GDC referrals and this seems an unethical intimidation tactic.

‘No dentist should feel trapped in a work situation against their will or face severe retaliation for wanting to leave.’

Sunil discusses with Dr Neel Kothari the reasons why the UK dental sector may not meet the expectations of foreign professionals. The piece provides insights into the challenges faced by dental professionals in the UK, highlighting the importance of a realistic perspective on the profession.

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